An Ellis Family Tree (with quite a few Berghs and Salisburys)

Ellis crest

Research from 17th and 18th centuries by Simon Ellis. Research from 19th, 20th and 21st centuries by Graham Ellis. Additional contributions from Colin Ellis, Dot Morrison, Pat Smith, Lucy Edwards, Kathleen Grant, Margaret Van Seggelen, Ray McKenzie, Diane Ellis, Chloe Foster and Susan Woolf.

Simon is currently writing a book about the Ellis family and is looking for stories and photos from WW1. Any help appreciated.

Salisbury tree contributions from Elizabeth Ellis and Elaine McMillan.

The Norwegian Public Road Administration will be 150 years in 2014. Christian Wilhelm Bergh, was the first Road Director in Norway. The Administration are writing a paper about Bergh due to the anniversary in 2014, but it is difficult to find sources, material, about his life. If anyone can help throw some light over his life, then please contact me and I will forward the information.

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The page : ‘who am I?’ shows copies of all the photographs in an album from about 1900. These are probably of the Wardrop and Stewart families. If you know who these people are, then please contact me. To enter, click here.

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