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Robert S Bergh

Robert Stephenson Schnitler BerghAge: 71 years18511923

Robert Stephenson Schnitler Bergh
Given names
Robert Stephenson Schnitler
Name prefix
Birth December 17, 1851 37 37
DivorceAndrea Adelaide Skoldine AndersenView this family

Birth of a sisterRebecca Bergh
August 19, 1854 (Age 2 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherAntonette Elizabeth “Betzy” Schnitler
November 2, 1861 (Age 9 years)

Death of a fatherChristian Wilhelm Bergh
July 14, 1873 (Age 21 years)
MarriageAndrea Adelaide Skoldine AndersenView this family
May 11, 1876 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a daughter
Helene Marie Caroline Bergh
1876 (Age 24 years)

Birth of a daughter
Ragna Adelaide Bergh
1877 (Age 25 years)

Birth of a daughter
Hilda Rebekka Bergh
1879 (Age 27 years)

Death of a motherCaroline Marie Lundt f. Graah
November 15, 1879 (Age 27 years)
SeparationAndrea Adelaide Skoldine AndersenView this family
1883 (Age 31 years)

MarriageEmilie DanielsenView this family
1890 (Age 38 years)

Birth of a daughter
Dagny Bergh
May 13, 1891 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a daughter
Mimi Bergh
July 27, 1893 (Age 41 years)
Birth of a daughter
Julie Bergh
1893 (Age 41 years)

Death of a daughterJulie Bergh
1894 (Age 42 years)

Birth of a son
Claus Robert Isidor McKinley Bergh
November 13, 1898 (Age 46 years)
Death of a wifeEmilie Danielsen
June 2, 1916 (Age 64 years)
Marriage of a childClaus Robert Isidor McKinley BerghHazel I StoutView this family
February 17, 1922 (Age 70 years)
Death of a sisterEmilie Antonette “Mimmi” Bergh
1923 (Age 71 years)

Death February 17, 1923 (Age 71 years)
Burial November 16, 1923 (8 months after death)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: April 3, 1845Garnison Menighet, Oslo, Akershus, Norway
16 months
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
3 years
3 years
younger sister
Family with Emilie Danielsen - View this family
Marriage: 1890
16 months
Dagny EllisDagny Bergh
Birth: May 13, 1891 39 25Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA
Death: January 22, 1948War Memorial Hospital, Congleton, Cheshire, England
2 years
5 months
6 years
Family with Andrea Adelaide Skoldine Andersen - View this family
Marriage: May 11, 1876Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway
8 months
2 years
3 years


May have died in Stavanger, but declared as Wolstanton (daughter's address) to be buried near his wife. Note gap between death and burial.


Cemetery Section: 23 Grave Number: 47. Interment Number: 21133.


Grave located at N53°00.2655' W002°13.6090'. Inscription: Sacred to the memory of Colonel Robert S Bergh. Formerly American Consul at Stoke on Trent who departed this life on the 17th February 1923 aged 70 years. Also of Emily his wife who passed away on the 2nd June 1910 aged 60 years.


Bergh, Robert S. S.—Born in Norway in 1852; home. Grand Forks, N. Dak.; high-school and university education; druggist; appointed, after examination (January 18, 1898). US Consul at Goteborg January 21, 1898; US Consul at Mainz March 30, 1907; US Consul at Belgrade June 10, 1908; US Consul at Burslem December 20, 1911.

Bergh, Robert S. S. (1852-1923) — of Grand Forks, Grand Forks County, N.Dak. Born in Norway, 1852. U.S. Consul in Gothenberg, 1898-1907; Mainz, 1907-08; Belgrade, 1908-13; Stoke-on-Trent, 1913-19; Stavanger, 1922. US Immigration 1874, naturalised in 1880. Requested passport in 1920 'to see off daughter to India' [Source passport application 1920]

Died February 17, 1923.

1920 census : Residence : North Dakota, Consular Service, Military and Naval Forces

Staffordshire Sentinel of February 20, 1923, publishes article of affectionate remembrance of the late Consul Robert S. S. Bergh, who died at his post, Stavanger, Norway: Former American Consul in the Potteries We regret to record the death of Colonel Robert S. S. Bergh, formerly United States Consul in Stoke-on-Trent, who passed away on Saturday at Stavanger, Norway, where he had been the American Consul since leaving North Staffordshire in December, 1919. Mrs. Bergh died during Colonel Bergh’s residence in North Staffordshire, and he was accompanied to Norway (his native country) by his two daughters, Miss Dagney Bergh and Miss Mimi Bergh, his other children being resident in America. Miss Dagney Bergh subsequently married Mr. H. C. Ellis, solicitor, of Burslem (son of Mr. Arthur Ellis), and since he resigned his commission in the Indian Army, they have resided at Alsager. Miss Mimi Bergh remained with her father, and devotedly and lovingly nursed him, and also ably assisted in the performance of his official duties, as he gradually became an invalid. Deep sympathy goes out to Colonel Bergh’s family in their bereavement from their many friends in North Staffordshire, by whom Colonel Bergh and his children have always been held in sincere and cordial respect and affection. Colonel Bergh, who was the United States Consul in Stoke-on-Trent for eight years, was a native of Norway, but was taken to America when very young. There he met the late Mrs. Bergh, who was also a native of Norway, and who died after Colonel Bergh came to Staffordshire. His two younger daughters were born in America, and their brother, Mr. Isidor Bergh, who served with the American Army in France, was born in Sweden. Colonel Bergh received his first Consular appointment from the American Government in 1898, when he was appointed to Sweden, where he remained for ten years. He was then a year and a half in Germany, and next went to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and was there for four years, with his family. The American Minister for Serbia, Bulgaria, and Rumania resided at Bucharest, and it fell to Colonel Bergh to represent the Minister in Belgrade, where he was well known and highly regarded in diplomatic circles, and enjoyed the friendship of Sir Ralph Paget, British Minister at Belgrade, and Lady Paget. He was given the Serbian Order of St. Sava. Twelve years ago, Colonel Bergh came from Serbia to be American Consul at Stoke-on-Trent. During his residence in North Staffordshire the value of his work as American Consul, and the courtesy with which he performed his responsible duties, were highly appreciated by the local business community, while the linguistic accomplishments of himself and his family, and his children’s artistic capacity and social charm, gave them a distinct place in the local life, and gained them many friends, notwithstanding his natural modesty and shyness. The duties of the American Consul in North Staffordshire are specially onerous, owing to the large exports of pottery to America, and the necessity of seeing that the American tariff regulations are fully complied with. Colonel Bergh spoke cordially of the good faith of the North Staffordshire exporters, and on the other hand, they gladly recognized that while resolutely faithful to his duty to the country he represented, he was fair and courteous, so that he left us amidst the respect and the most cordial good-will of local business and social circles. When the war happily gave place to peace, Colonel Bergh was invited by the Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent to be present at the official celebration in the Council Chamber. He occupied a seat next to the Mayor (Alderman W. E. Robinson, J. P.), with the American flag unfurled overhead. The Council sent greetings through Colonel Bergh to the President of the United States, and Colonel Bergh presented to the Corporation a plaque portrait of President Wilson, which now hangs in the Mayor’s parlor. Finding the climate of North Staffordshire rather trying, Colonel Bergh intimated that he would like a change, and he was appointed American Consul at Stavanger, South Norway, so that after many years he returned to the country of his birth, and was well pleased that it should be so.' The news of his death revives happy memories of the family’s residence in North Staffordshire, and Colonel Bergh will ever be remembered by all who knew him as an able and faithful representative of the United States and as an accomplished, kindly and courtly gentleman.

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